The Good Stuff, the debut album from Orion and the Melted Crayons album, released on September 3rd 2021.

What keeps your head up when the going gets tough? For us, it's "The Good Stuff".

"This record is a combination of 4 songs (*) I wrote during the early COVID -19 lockdown and 5 from the older Melted Crayons catalog. We created it in apartments, basements and a few select studios over 2020. The Good Stuff highlights the positive things that I focused on during the pandemic. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did making it." -Orion Faruque

From a funky, psychedelic solo performance on “What Is Love” to a heartfelt Americana arrangement on “The Letter”; grooving soul bass and horns on “The Good Stuff” to indie rock electric guitars on “Kaleidoscope”, the album is full of diverse feelings and sounds.

Thank you to Joan-Loren and Azad, the Faruque Family, all 5 of my siblings, my niece and nephew, Tamara Doucette, Vincent Zorn, Chris Doerman, Ryan Blanton, the people of Charlottesville, The Havana Music School, Gypsy, Whisper, Lego, Mother Earth and Louis Smith.

Released September 3rd, 2021

Performed by Orion and the Melted Crayons.

Ingredients of The Good Stuff

Asher McGlothlin,

Brenning Greenfield,

Brian Roy,

Connor McCarthy,

Courtney Jacobs,

Elie Bashkow,

Gina Sobel,

Jacob Carlson,

Kara Rojer,

Louis Smith,

Mattias Zuffoletti,

Nan Macmillan,

Orion Faruque,

Ryan Goodrich,

Ryan Wood,

Torri McDaniel,

Yazmin Bowers

Cover art by Hannah Baskhow

Back and Layout by Orion Faruque

Produced by RedMusic Productions

Mastered by Greg Reierson of RareForm Mastering

Produced during the 2020 Pandemic in Charlottesville VA.

ALL Rights Reserved.